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Workshops, Seminars, Masterclasses

Interaction and demonstration based skill-building sessions

Lecture and discussion based academic sessions on broad AM topics


Industry/Academia leader guided sessions on specialised topics

Courses and Certificate Programs

Specialisation Certification | Professional Certification Degree | Equivalent Programs

Certificate Programs are based on a vast series of courses spanning the breadth and depth of Additive Manufacturing and Allied Subjects. These courses and programs cover 5 key tracks- Technology, Applications, Economics, Operations, and Design.

Customised Offerings

  • Custom Workshops for Industry
  • Curriculum-Integrated Programs for Educational Institutions
  • Custom Workshops for Educational Institutions

Scheduled Events

Workshops | Seminars | Master Classes | Virtual Sessions (Webinars and online training programs)

Events are scheduled around the calendar year, and are offered in three forms, for a variety of target audiences- available in online and in-person modes.

Courses & programs

Specialisation Certificate | Professional Certificate |
Degree Equivalent Programs

Certificate Programs are based on comprehensive courses spanning 5 key tracks- Technology, Applications, Economics, Operations, and Design.

Custom Offerings

Industry-Specific Training | Curriculum Support for Colleges | Custom Seminars for Institutions

From curated application-driven programs for companies  to integrated programs in  universities, Custom Offerings are designed with you, for you.

upcoming sessions

Workshops, Seminars and Masterclasses- Limited Seats available

18th SEPTEMEBR 2023 WEBINAR- Middle East Focus

This interactive webinar shines a spotlight on opportunities in a region with some of the most ambitious AM goals in the world.

Which Industries are the most affected by AM? What are some of the emerging trends in the Middle East? What are the skills needed to build a solid AM business here? Let’s explore all this and more.

Limited Seats!
Costing: Free

25th SEPTEMBER 2023 WEBINAR- Industry 4.0

Manufacturing on Demand, with a secure, completely digital supply chain- from Digital inventory to finished pieces: This is the promise that AM holds.

How can AM complement the existing manufacturing ecosystem? Can we reach a stage of spare part production with no need for digital inventory? Are we close to a fully digital supply chain? Join us, as we dive deeper into the implications of AM.

Limited Seats!
Costing: Free

13th October 2023 Workshop-Engineering

Accelerate Your Engineering Success with AM! This is an immersive, hands-on workshop to gain the expertise to leverage additive manufacturing technologies, design for AM, explore real-world applications, and unlock unlimited possibilities.

Limited Seats: Restricted to the first 30 registrations only!
Costing: Rs. 5900/- (Inc GST) per person

There are 9 modules in this workshop.

Custom Sessions

Are you looking to accelerate AM adoption for your industry? Are you a University looking to get the best AM course for your college?

We can help. Custom offerings curated specifically for your needs, from workshops to full programs.

Courses and Certificate Programs

Various permutations of these (fractional credit) courses and modules lead to the creation of Targeted Programs, from Specialisation Certification to Professional Certification and Degree-Equivalent Programs at various levels.

Coming soon!








Need more information or support?

Need more information or support?